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BACKUP Cie Chaliwaté & Cie Focus

Rarely is so much accomplished in so short a time. In less than 30 minutes, without saying a single word, Belgian theatre companies Chaliwate and Focus demonstrate their clever theatricality, make us laugh with their ingenuity and then break our hearts in two with their profound message about climate change.

They’ve also created a show that would genuinely entertain people of any age, who speak any language, which is no mean feat. Partly because visually, this is a feast for the eyes – and partly because when you’re dealing with real emotions, talking isn’t always necessary.

15/08/2018 - The Scotsman - Kelly Apter - Dance, Physc

It is a delight to see such skilled puppetry, object manipulation, and comic physical performance wrapped up tightly into such a neat bundle. Backup is a sweet little tidbit that whets our appetite for more.


In the meantime - Bravo ! Quality physical and visual performance, and practically word-free, delivering narrative through image and physical action.

16/09/2018 - Total Theatre - Dorothy Max Prior - Chaliwaté c

This is a wee gem of a show and a great start to the day. The Chaliwaté Company from Brussels brings a cast of three, who use puppets, live video feeds and deadpan clowning in ski wear to tell the story of a film crew’s road trip to the North Pole.

05/09/2018 - The List - Claire Sawers - Snowflmakes, p

This is quality rather than quantity in a half hour of enchanting theatre and there is little doubt that theatre, here, is exploited to fantastic effect. The journey is just an incredibly comic set piece which, when we have all three in the van, is critical in drawing us into a place where what follows is surprising and very effective.


If there was ever a more poignant example of how theatre has the ability to draw you into a world where the issue is exposed in a more effective manner, it will take me some time to remember it. This was crystal clear and caught you right where it ought – teaching you that if we do not do something about climate change the world shall cast itself adrift.



13/08/2018 - Fringe Review - Donald Steawart - Backup

Opening with a wonderful extended piece of object manipulation jn miniature, the piece is of consistently high quality. Almost entirely without woeds, the three performers, Julie Teneret, Sicaire Durieux and Sandrine Heyraud are captivating. As well as their puppetry skills they bring excellent physical humour to the piece including a rather wonderful scene inside the front seat of a van that elicits much laughter from the audience. For all the joy and humour at the heart of the piece, there are also some more serious issues surrounding climate change dealt with in an engaging manner that adds depth to the piece.

13/09/2018 - The reviews Hub - David Doyle - Backup -S

Vraisemblablement déjà la pépite de cette édition. On suit les déambulations d’une camionnette à travers la calotte glaciaire, le reportage d’une équipe télé et leur rencontre avec l’ours blanc.  Julie Tenret, Sicaire Durieux, Sandrine Heyraud explorent toutes les possibilités scéniques : le théâtre gestuel, le théâtre d’objet, la marionnette et la vidéo. Même leurs corps peuvent devenir des éléments du décors et les trouvailles sont géniales. A voir, rien que pour l’animation de l’ours blanc, Backup est un bijou d’inventivité et d’humour et notre coup de coeur pour 2018.


28 mars 2018 - Loïc Smars - Le Suricate

Dans Backup, la Compagnie Chaliwaté et la Compagnie Focus racontent eux aussi un drame : à travers une expédition de reporters posant le pied au Pôle Nord et la séparation de deux ours sur leurs morceaux de banquise, ils abordent les conséquences du réchauffement climatique. Si le propos est grave, l’usage des objets, du décor, des effets visuels donnent à la pièce un côté ingénieux, imprévisible et fantaisiste aussi touchant qu’amusant.

17/04/2018 - Alternatives Théâtrales - Grâce

Cette année, parmi les 21 spectacles (dont 15 créations) programmés dans tous les recoins du Théâtre national, nous serons particulièrement attentifs à l’éclosion de Backup , nouveau spectacle de la compagnie Chaliwaté (Josephina, Jetlag, Ilô), alliée pour l’occasion à Julie Tenret, de la compagnie Night Shop (Silence), valeurs sûres s’il en est.


21/03/2018 -Catherine Makereel - Festival XS - Le Soir

  • 10:10